Bach Flower Essence Walnut treats vulnerability to outside influences

Bach Flower Essence Walnut treats vulnerability to outside influences
Bach flower Walnut

Bach Flower Essence Walnut (Juglans regia)

The Bach Flower Essence Walnut is an effective, natural remedy for people who feel exposed to the influences around them. The essence offers protection from the negative effects of change. When used appropriately, Bach Flower Essence Walnut acts to make transitions in life easier, so we can benefit from the experience.

Protect yourself from external influences with Bach Flower Essence Walnut.

Walnut types are naturally ambitious and focused people. However, they can be led away from important work by enthusiastic individuals. Unlike Cerato types, the Walnut person won’t actively seek the opinions of others. But Walnuts become vulnerable to the negative effects of change when they hear the opinions or theories of other people. They suffer terrible consequences such as: becoming confused, changing their mind, or by experiencing a crisis of conscience. Chaos is introduced to an otherwise orderly existence. Bach Flower Essence Walnut offers protection from external influences, so we can benefit from the positive power of change.

Situations Bach Flower Essence Walnut can help with:

The Walnut archetype is focused and purposeful. If you know a Walnut person, they will be following their own special calling in life. But doubt creeps into their minds due to the influences around them. This causes distress and makes facing change a difficult process. The Walnut persona is therefore extremely sensitive to the beliefs and views of people they are in regular contact with. Walnut essence is of benefit in situations where an individual is experiencing a transition in life. We will all experience the effects of change at one time or another. Walnuts however, are particularly vulnerable to the negative aspects of change during transitions in life. Typical examples of transitional periods include: going to school or college, puberty, leaving home, getting married, becoming a parent, or starting a new job. If you or someone you know tends to lose focus when experiencing dramatic change, Bach Flower Essence Walnut can help. The essence helps us to focus on what’s most important to us, so we are no longer vulnerable to outside influences.

Using Bach Flower Essence Walnut to break the cycle:

Through using this essence, you can find a solution for the issues experienced during transitions in life. You’ll soon discover that by following the recommended daily dosage, you can focus on your goals and aims without being influenced by others. When external influences no longer hamper your true vision, life becomes more enjoyable. Feeling in control of your life, leads to a more satisfying and less chaotic future. You can move forward with the protection offered by Bach Flower Essence Walnut, leaving confusion and indecision in the past. This remedy helps us to break the bond with the past, so we can move on with our lives more easily. As you leave your doubts behind you, your goals and ambitions can take first place again. Experience the positive power of change with Bach Flower Essence Walnut.

Bach flower number 33: Walnut

Bach flower Walnut helps with:

  • Change and renewal
  • Letting go of old patterns
  • Being influenced by strong opinions from outside
  • Moving on to new situations
  • Doubts about a new start
Discover how Bach flower Walnut can help you
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