Bach Flower Essence Willow treats bitterness and self-pity

Bach Flower Essence Willow treats bitterness and self-pity
Bach flower Willow

Bach Flower Essence Willow (Salix vitellina)

The Bach Flower Essence Willow is effective in treating those who tend to wallow in self-pity. Willow types suffer emotionally due to harboring feelings of resentment. When used appropriately, Bach Flower Essence Willow restores a more optimistic attitude so we can move forward in life without destructive emotions.

Say goodbye to bitterness and resentment with Bach Flower Essence Willow.

When we are trapped in a negative cycle of thoughts and feelings, it is easy to miss out on the opportunities life has to offer. The Willow state causes us to begrudge another’s success. We all have to work hard to make a success of our lives. Yet, no matter how hard someone has worked to achieve their goal, the negative aspects of Willow cause resentment. This is shown through self-pity and bitterness towards the successful individual. When we can learn how a person’s contributions are of benefit to all of us, there is no need to feel bad. Instead we can rejoice in the accomplishments of others. Having a more positive attitude to success in general means you are less likely to miss opportunities. If you or someone you know feels resentful when others do well, Bach Flower Essence Willow can help.

Situations Bach Flower Essence Willow can help with:

The Willow state can be triggered when a person suffers adversity. This leads the individual to feel as though life has let them down in some way. They feel that what they have endured is ‘not fair’ and no one should have to live through an experience like it again. Willows tend to judge their lives by their successes. But when things go wrong we get the chance to learn from our mistakes. A willow person finds misfortune intolerable, so when things go wrong they suffer from feelings of resentment. This negative aspect of Willow impacts on relationships with others. Willows will show how they feel by complaining bitterly about what they have endured. When bitterness takes over completely, willow people suffer emotionally. Bitterness stops us from enjoying the pleasures in life. In this type of situation, Bach Flower Essence Willow is of great benefit.

Using Bach Flower Essence Willow to break the cycle:

Through using this essence, you can break the cycle of negative thoughts and emotions affecting your interactions with others. By following the recommended daily dosage, you’ll soon find you become more optimistic for the future. When we are able to be generous towards the people around us, life is much more rewarding. The positive power of Bach Flower Essence Willow aids in bringing us back to reality. With a new perspective, the problems of yesterday remain rooted in the past. Willow helps to raise awareness of how negative cycles of thinking affect our behavior. Negative thoughts and behaviors can hold us back in life. Move into a more positive way of being and look forward to a successful future with Bach Flower Essence Willow.


Bach flower number 38: Willow

Bach flower Willow helps when you need:

  • To let go of bitterness
  • To stop blaming others
  • To feel less bitter or vengeful
  • To reduce the feelings of being treated unfairly in your life
  • To halt vengeance, or smouldering anger
Discover how Bach flower Willow can help you
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