Bach Flower Essence Mimulus (Mimulus guttatus)

Bach flower Mimulus

Bach Flower Essence Mimulus is an effective, natural way to treat people who suffer from everyday fears. Fears and phobias often cause people to avoid doing certain things. With proper use, Bach Flower Essence Mimulus can help you to leave your fear behind and live a more fulfilling life. The essence aids in balancing the mind’s energies, so you can overcome the everyday fears which inhibit your regular daily activities.

Gain courage and strength with Bach Flower Essence Mimulus.

Typical Mimulus people are shy, nervous and quiet individuals. They may blush easily, stutter when they speak. Some will avoid social situations, preferring not to be in the spotlight. Through using this essence, you can move forward with your life without letting everyday fears get in the way. Courage and strength is renewed so you can face new challenges which were not possible before. Bach Flower Essence Mimulus acts to help you conquer your phobias as new inner resilience flourishes.

Situations Bach Flower Essence Mimulus can help with:

Mimulus individuals often suffer from phobias associated with everyday things. For example, some people fear large dogs, while others are afraid of the dark. A Mimulus person could be afraid of wide open spaces, heights or crowds. Bach Flower Essence Mimulus can help people to overcome these fears of everyday things as a new found courage and strength blossoms. The Mimulus state causes a person to prefer not to talk about their problems. They will avoid going to social gatherings. Because of this, they miss out on making friends. This leads to the Mimulus person feeling isolated and alone with their problems. People often think of the Mimulus person as a loner or recluse who prefers to be alone rather than in company. The truth is that the Mimulus individual is afraid of mixing with others and is easily embarrassed in public. With regular use, this essence will give you the courage to face your problems and talk about them to someone you trust. There is a quiet inner strength in all of us. When we find this we can accomplish things we never knew were possible. Bach Flower Essence Mimulus acts to re-attune the mind so we can move forward with our lives without letting every day fears and phobias rule our lives.

Using Bach Flower Essence Mimulus to break the cycle:

The essence provides a starting point for controlling your fears and phobias. You’ll soon find that by following the recommended daily dosage you benefit from a new found inner strength. Fears are soon left in the past, and you are able to open up and talk about your problems. Externalizing issues in this way helps us to overcome them. Experiencing these changes will make you feel more positive in life and about the future. You will continue to prefer the sideline to the limelight, but your fears will no longer hold you back. Use Bach Flower Essence Mimulus and leave fears of everyday things in the past.

Tom VermeerschCreated by Tom Vermeersch Tom Vermeersch is a certified Psychologist and Bach flower expert with more than 30 years of experience.

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