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Hey Tom,

With this I share my experiences with the personal Bach flower mix you made for my son Trevor.

First, a little more information about my son Trevor who has the fragile x syndrom. Trevor shows very busy behaviour and that is being connected to ADHD type of behaviour, more specifically a weak concentration.

They are very agile and sometimes chaotic; also they are very anxious about any uncontrollable situations that may occur. Trevor is also very afraid of the hairdresser, dentist and loud noises. 

Because Trevor is very busy and has very chaotic behaviour together with concentration problems, the paediatrician had prescribed Ritalin. Our Trevor became a total different lad because of the consumption from this medication. From one day to another he became more aggressive and sometimes he would turn with his eyes, and sometimes he was absent and didn’t seem himself anymore. Now we use the personal Bach flower mix for Trevor and his concentration has improved and he has become much more alert.

The fear of the dentist has improved so much that we were able to take Trevor to the dentist for a check-up. Trevor also doesn’t throw a tantrum with the hairdresser anymore. We got back a cheerful, lovely and very enthusiastic Trevor after we quit the Ritaline for 1 ½ month. 

We are so happy that we came onto this website by accident because, thanks to Tom, Trevor no longer needs Ritalin. Today I also placed a new order.

Tom thanks again for a fast and good delivery.

Kind Regards,



Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

Good results with Bach flowers
(4/5) Eleonora Bergamo *

Good results with Bach flowers

I am writing to let you know that I am having good results with the Bach flowers you sent, particularly in regard to my anger.

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After a month I feel better!
(5/5) Dominique *

After a month I feel better!

I don’t suffer from anxiety any more, and I stopped thinking about death. I still have some stress but tons and tons less than before!! 

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In two words: Complete SERENITY
(5/5) Joce Benard *

In two words: Complete SERENITY

I have wonderful news to tell you. I returned from my seven day cruise in a boat around the Mediterranean sea so happy.

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(5/5) Nadine Van Battel *

A satisfied customer for a while now

I'm been a satisfied customer of Bach flowers for a while now and I'm still very happy.

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Lyuba Melik
(5/5) Lyuba Melik from Australia *

Helping with my blood pressure

The mix is working wonders with my blood pressure!!! Thank you!!!

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(5/5) Aurélia from France *

Tom simply saved my life

More than 20 years of depression, drugs, etc... And just one and a half month of Bach flowers have literally saved my life!

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Help with nightmares
(4/5) Anonymous *

Help with nightmares

The nightly crying didn’t stop until the teething stopped at 2 years old, but the over the months that we used the Bach flowers, they made a world of a difference.

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Mum's high blood pressure
(4/5) Danielle N. *

Mum's high blood pressure

It took her a while but she did start to take them and now she's very happy with them. They work perfectly and she looks great!

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The teacher noticed a big improvement
(5/5) Kim *

The teacher noticed a big improvement

My daughter used your product about 4 years ago. She was going to the first grade and she had troubles concentrating.

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(5/5) Jacqueline (someone from Belgium) *

I feel a lot more at ease and less irritated.

I started using Bach Flowers because I had troubles sleeping. Everything I dreamt of was so intense and glued on me that I had the feeling of not have rested at all when waking up.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

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