Much softer in nature, sweeter and less irascible

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Bach flowers personal mix

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Dear Tom,

13th of December: Our son has been using your personal mix a couple of days now and I feel like he's a lot softer in nature, sweeter and less irascible. The muscles in his neck and shoulders are more relaxed... I hope that the migranes also decrease. I'll write to you again shortly (he has a very stressfull day on the 14th of December, because of his second attempt at taking exams), but I wanted to give you some news about his progress straightaway.

14th of December: Evan went to his exam today (an oral Dutch exam) without a migraine. At first, he didn't want to go. "I have performance anxiety", he told me in the morning. "I have many negative thoughts in my head and I can't think clearly. He went back to bed. After a couple of hours discussing it, he miraculously went with his dad to the exam. He called me and told me that he was happy he went afterwards, but that he now had a severe headache. I'm happy that the Bach Flowers work. It will probably be even better after his third bottle. I would like to thank you for the succes!

15th of December: Evan has passed his exam! I just received a message. Now, let's get on with the 14 remaining courses. One every month.

Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

Other testimonials

* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

(5/5) Jocelyne from Luxembourg *

After 10 days, a miracle. No hot flashes anymore

I wanted to thank you by sharing this testimonial for your help concerning my health problem that I had atthe beginning of 2017.

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Feeling less anxious and more on top of my thinking
(5/5) Anonymous *

Feeling less anxious and more on top of my thinking

It took a while (approx. 1 month) before I noticed that the personal mix had started to work.

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(4/5) Mirella de boer *

A relief

Three months ago I started giving my son, Damian, a personal Bach flower mix. 

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(5/5) Gennaro and parents *

After six weeks we must say that your mix proves to be really successful!

Some time ago, half way August, you made a special mix for our grandson Gennaro who suffered a lot from mood swings and severe sleeping problems.

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I’d like to congratulate you
(5/5) Rosario from Spain *

I’d like to congratulate you

I’d like to congratulate you because I can say that the treatment is working well with my son.

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The second bottle works
(4/5) Inge Denis *

The second bottle works

I wanted to say that the second bottle helps my husband with his smoking and that he is gaining weight slowly.

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Caroline Kavanagh 2
(5/5) Caroline Kavanagh *

Non ho mai dormito così bene

Sono meravigliata! Sta già funzionando. La mia pancia si è calmata e riesco a pensare alle mie vacanze senza avere crisi di nervi o diarrea.

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He's feeling good
(4/5) Anonymous *

He's feeling good

A quick feedback for Cédric:
He's doing well, he feels good. And now school has started again, he feels even better.  

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(5/5) Lamia *

A restorative and pleasant sleep

The professionalism of Tom, with whom I had long discussions, combined with the magic of Bach flowers ensured I experienced a restorative and pleasant sleep.

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She can control her anxiety better
(5/5) Beatrice Pisetta *

She can control her anxiety better

My daughter has started to take the Bach Flowers mix that you sent us three weeks ago. Things are better: she feels quieter and she can control her anxiety more.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

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