I was surprised to see a slight improvement after a few weeks

(5/5) - Personal Bach flowers remedy
Rachel ERVYN 1


I can say that for over a year now I have been disturbed by the menopause that ruins my life in several areas. This started with a great deal of anxiety which manifested itself just before I contacted you.

I had some small doubts about the efficiency of the mix I chose, because i was feeling oppressed and I thought that that couldn't be helped. I was worried about having to take any chemical pills, and didn't want to, so I kept on buying natural remedies.

Ultimately, I was surprised by a slight improvement after a few weeks, so I decided to write to you so you can make me a personalized mix that would be more appropriate to my situation from your point of view. This was an excellent choice for me, because this first mix allowed me to feel much better and the anxiety to lessen each day, week after week, with daily intake of the drops.

A few months ago, I requested your help again, because I was completely stressed because of a move coming up in my future and I was already fatigued because I have fibromyalgia.

Again, I was very satisfied with this mix which was a great help to me, and assisted me in facing these changes in life, knowing that I had other unexpected troubles ahead during this perturbed and tiring period.

With full sincerity, I encourage all those who want to feel better in different aspects of their lives, to choose your Bach flowers. Don’t hesitate to try them and find the mix that is a perfect match for you. Inevitably you’ll find one that corresponds and that will permit your situation to improve.

Through lack of time, I didn’t reorder my personalized mix, because I was feeling OK, so I let go a few weeks. I regret it!

Thanks again, Tom, for your skills and availability when we write to you in case of need.

Continue like this… I’m sure that it is important for a lot of people!

Kind Regards,

Rachel ERVYN

Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

I experience everything completely differently
(5/5) Anonymous *

I experience everything completely differently

We are now a bit further along and I wanted to share how things are going. The first bottle is almost empty now.

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(5/5) Liliane *

I'm happy to feel so much better

I would like to give you some news. I've been taking my personal mix for 2 weeks and I'm feeling good. I'm much calmer

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Maarten Vanmaele 1
(5/5) Maarten from Belgium *

Feeling jolly and more energetic

I was incredibly surprised, because after just three days of using them, I was a different person again. I felt jolly again and had more energy.

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Karima LAJILI (1)
(5/5) Karima Lajili from France *

I went into the exam centre in complete calm

After validating my order, I quickly received my vial by post in a carefully wrapped package.

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She can control her anxiety better
(5/5) Beatrice Pisetta *

She can control her anxiety better

My daughter has started to take the Bach Flowers mix that you sent us three weeks ago. Things are better: she feels quieter and she can control her anxiety more.

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It is a light energy that supports me
(4/5) Anonymous *

It is a light energy that supports me

At first I had a great deal of agitation, but gradually I have been letting go of the emotions I have. I'll just continue with the treatment. I notice that after 3 weeks my bottle is almost empty.

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(5/5) Elseline van Osch *

I've been able to make important decisions for my job

You do not need expensive counselling. There is some information exchanged through email, and before you know it your Bach Flower mixture is ready.

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Ruth Lowyck
(5/5) Ruth from Belgium *

My son calls them his 'lucky drops'

As promised I am writing you a review about mine and my son's personal mixes with a picture of both of us. :)

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(4/5) Jolanda, 38 years *

I see the world with a ray of sunshine again

Through your newsletter I wanted to let you know that your composition Bach flower had a positive effect! I sleep well again and see the world with a ray of sunshine.

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(5/5) Aunt of Shana from Belgium *

Started school again

She's also feeling a lot better. She has even started school again, on her own initiative.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

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