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Hi Tom,

We are now a bit further along and I wanted to share how things are going. The first bottle is almost empty now.

I wanted to thank you sincerely for the mix you made for me.

The first thing I noticed was that my physical complaints decreased. I had so much pain in my joints, was so exhausted and was completely immobile because of that exhaustion. I am still tired, but the difference is huge. I am no longer stuck in a rut. I am much more aware of my fatigue, and accept it when it's there. I don't longer see it as my enemy which means I am no longer helplessly stuck and this attitude lessens its' intensity.

The Bach flowers trigger so much in me. Sometimes very confrontational, but gentle. Sometimes frightening, but also hopeful. Where I used to become abruptly overcome with fear and panic, and just wait out the moment, feeling powerless, now I experience everything completely differently.

It is still there. The sudden fear and panic. But for the first time I experience these moments with strength. A beautiful strength. From that strength I dare to face my fears for the first time. I dare to embrace them more as something that belongs to me, that doesn't have to be necessarily bad. I embrace them and trust that they are trying to make something clear to me.

By daring to look at the challenges and daring to embrace them, I have so many new insights. Confrontational and overwhelming, and always intense. But the colour of that intensity is so much softer, more positive. And that is a big difference in experiencing it. At that moments I experience the hidden presence of strength. That strength gives me trust and ease. Trust means no longer fighting it helplessly, no longer trying to get away from it with all my energy. I embrace it and try to listen to what my fear is trying to say to me.

I started looking at myself for the first time in a very long time, with much sensitivity and care. It feels like the haze that was around me wants to disappear. I am curious about my further progress.

In the meantime I am staying a little longer at home. I see now and accept that this is what I need (I was over my limits for far too long). Home seems like a soft base to gain some new perspectives before I 'rejoin the world'. I can take the time I need. I allow myself to take the time. And that is good. Because this whole process is hard work :). And still it has slowly given me back my energy. A beautiful energy.

So I am very grateful to you. Looking back I didn't gave you that much information because I was not sure about myself at all, I wasn't in touch with myself. But your mix does such nice things here inside me.

Kind regards and have a nice weekend

Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

Lisa Heinrich
(5/5) Lisa H. *

My complaints are like blown away

Around 3 months ago I contacted you because of my menopause symptoms and depression I had, which were proving to be a great burden for me.

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I began to feel more confident, every day
(5/5) Chiara from Italy *

I began to feel more confident, every day

After this episode, however, I noticed that something was changing: I began to feel more confident every day, and to face the days with a somewhat more serene spirit.

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Lyuba Melik
(5/5) Lyuba Melik from Australia *

It continues to work miracles for me

It's time for me to re-order the mix. It continues to work miracles for me. And there are some very significant positive side-effects.

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Isabelle Decae
(5/5) Isabelle Decae *

I appreciate driving again

You transformed my life with this personal mix. You are so professional that you keep asking questions to be sure to match the purpose of our requests!

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(5/5) Christel *

It's really effective

That's why I would like to let you know that the personal Bach flower remedy is really effective. 

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Iris McFee
(5/5) Iris *

A natural and holistic solution

Thank you for the personal mix you made for me! It has been really effective, I couldn't believe I could feel the difference within a couple of days!

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This is a big step in the right direction
(5/5) Anonymous *

This is a big step in the right direction

I finally notice now that the drops are working. I have cried so much these past two weeks, so much sadness that had to get out. After my ex-husband died, it all came out.  

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He made good and positive progress
(5/5) Jochen W. from Germany *

He made good and positive progress

I just wanted to give you feedback about how Aaron is doing with the Bach flowers. Honestly I never expected things to go as well as they did.

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My son is much happier now
(5/5) A. Agoren from The Netherlands *

My son is much happier now

He dares to venture out more and has regained his believe in himself. He is much happier now.

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Looking back, the drops definitely helped me
(4/5) Anonymous *

Looking back, the drops definitely helped me

Thank you for the drops, I have taken them all now. It was a very positive experience, and looking back, they definitely helped me.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

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