A third vial to consolidate this well-being

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I want to give you feedback after two months of using the personal mix you made for me.

I have known about the benefits of taking Bach flowers for 30 years. It has helped me on numerous occasions.

But at 60 years old, two years before taking my retirement, I developed a phobia: a fear of becoming of no use, of being alone, of getting older, of death, and that has also become associated with other older fears like: acrophobia and dizziness.

Knowing that I would not be able to deal with this alone (we cannot always be our own therapist), I asked you to make a personal mix. And here are the results, after two months of taking it:
—I retired on the 1st of September at 62 years old, so three weeks after first taking the drops. I detached myself from the work ambiance slowly.
—Some colleagues were crying because of my departure. I felt well able to say good-bye, and with the necessary hindsight to handle the situation in hand.
—I now subscribe to new activities and meet new people that I appreciate.
—As for my acrophobia and dizziness, I surprised myself by discussing this with someone, while hanging on at the edge of a road next to a precipice (I live in a town with a lot of ups and downs) and the void was there, I didn’t even pay attention to this. It was while returning back home that it suddenly occurred to me.
I have the feeling that I have turned right round!

So I will take a third vial to consolidate this “well-being” which others are able to see on my face.

Thanks Tom, for all this precious help that changed the point of view I had about my future.


Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

Other testimonials

* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

The outcome was positive.
(5/5) father of Anne *

The outcome was positive.

She said that she “went quiet in her head” and she passed!

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Karine Van Tendeloo 1
(5/5) Karine Van Tendeloo from Belgium *

I was less nervous and I had more confidence

Yesterday I had my first competition. Nerves were much less than before and I had more confidence.

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The Bach Flower mix is working well
(4/5) Guiseppe Santoro *

The Bach Flower mix is working well

The Bach flower mix is working well (I have just started my second bottle).

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Anne Walter
(5/5) Anne Walter *

Less fearful and impatient, I do things with care more easily

I am the first to be amazed by the results - I was anguished for no reason, I even did a psychoanalysis of myself.

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I feel my life again and how beautiful it can be!!
(5/5) Bettina Grolig from Germany *

I feel my life again and how beautiful it can be!!

At the end of 2013 with the beginning of my menopause I started to suffer from panic attacks and fear.

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(5/5) Aunt of Shana from Belgium *

Started school again

She's also feeling a lot better. She has even started school again, on her own initiative.

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Because it helps me
(5/5) Valérie Marnas (France) *

Because it helps me

I’m contacting you again now (after taking your personal combination for 4 weeks) to thank you. Indeed, I noticed after one week how I felt better.

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Dan dares to stick up for himself again
(4/5) John, 44 years *

Dan dares to stick up for himself again

Our son Dan, 11 years old, is a very sociable, sensitive but also insecure boy. Dan has a lot of trouble to stick up for himself. When children shout at him he shuts down.

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The second bottle works
(4/5) Inge Denis *

The second bottle works

I wanted to say that the second bottle helps my husband with his smoking and that he is gaining weight slowly.

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(5/5) Nadine Van Battel *

A satisfied customer for a while now

I'm been a satisfied customer of Bach flowers for a while now and I'm still very happy.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

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