Cats with anxiety can be soothed with Bach flower remedies.

Cats with anxiety can be soothed with Bach flower remedies.

Common reasons for a cat’s anxiety

There are a number of common reasons for cats to develop anxiety. Our feline friends can become stressed or anxious for any number of them. Just like in humans, a cat’s anxiety will often start to show through changes in behaviour. As felines can become anxious due to physical and psychological issues, it’s important to identify the reason for a cat’s anxiety in order to find the best strategy for reducing the animal’s distress.

Why do cats have anxiety?

Cats are emotionally sensitive creatures that show their anxiety through different behaviours. All cats will experience anxiety as a natural part of life. However, there are some typical reasons for a cat to start showing distress through their behaviour.
Some extremely common reasons for anxiety in cats include:

  • Stress

  • Change

  • Illness

  • Trauma

  • Neglect

  • Abuse

  • Grief

  • Fears

  • Phobias

  • Separation anxiety

If you are not sure what’s causing your pet’s change in behaviour, ask your vet for their opinion. When there is no physical or environmental cause for a cat’s anxiety, you can ask about treatments for your pet. Cats can have issues with anxiety, fear, and stress throughout their lives. As stress, fear, and anxiety are closely linked emotions in both humans and animals, they often occur simultaneously. Our feline cousins are not immune to the stresses and strains of modern living. Some cats are simply more emotionally resilient. Others suffer shock or trauma and recover more slowly. Kittens can develop to be nervous, shy, or timid in nature.

Cats show anxiety through behaviour:

When a cat’s anxiety gets out of control, this can show through any of the following behaviours:

  • Retreating into a hiding place

  • Meowing incessantly

  • Remaining motionless for long periods

  • Refusing to eat

  • Spraying

  • Self-destructive behaviours

  • Pacing

  • Suddenly forgetting their toilet training

  • Lashing out at humans

  • Vomiting

  • Repetitive behaviour

Cats with separation anxiety may be over-affectionate, or follow their owner everywhere.

How to help cats with anxiety:

Once you are sure your cat’s anxiety is not being caused by a physical complaint, you can start to take steps to manage stress within the home. When you have a calm environment for your pet to relax in, the cat’s anxiety will be easier to manage. In some cases, animals just need time to grow accustomed to new pets, unfamiliar people, or different surroundings at home.
While a cat is adjusting to change, behaviour can still cause an issue. Vets and animal trainers often use Bach flower remedies for soothing anxious animals. Bach flower essences are completely natural and have no side effects. You can place the drops on a treat or rub them on the snout. Alternatively, you can give the drops to your pet in their drinking water. For cats with anxiety, Bach flowers offer a risk-free, gentle remedy. 

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