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This mix is wonderful. I've suffered with symptoms for years, I've been to the doctors but they haven't helped I have basically been told to go away and live with it. 

I hadn't realised just how much this mix had helped with my symptoms until I finished the first bottle. Within days I was back having sleeping problems, sweating and headaches. It wasn't until I analysed what had changed that I realised the only change had been running out of mix 40. 

I reordered another bottle (I can't afford to purchase more than 1 bottle at a time but I will make sure I order another bottle before I run out again). And even just after a few days back on this mix 40, I am starting to feel a lot better and my symptoms are fading again.

If you are struggling with symptoms of the menopause and haven't found anything to help then give this a try. You will need to take more than 1 bottle and I know it's a lot of money but I for one will find the money as it's worth it as it's helping me.

Hi, would just like to say that I've been taking Bach remedy mix 40 for nearly 3 months and the results have been amazing! Virtually all the symptoms I was experiencing have disappeared. No more night sweats, sleeping better, anxiety and palpitations no more, much calmer and less irritable. This potion has literally changed my life and my husband has the wife he married back!

i just thought I would let you know that my adorable Labrador has just had the most amazing results from your personalised mix of Bach Flowers.

Sasha has been suffering from an exceptional dry crusty nose which had developed into open sores despite intensive treatment from a number of vets.
The results are amazing she now has a beautiful healthy pink nose without a sore or blemish in sight.

You are an amazing guy Tom and I can't Thank You enough for taking away Sasha's discomfort and restoring her back to normal.

Absoloutely amazing, and all through asking questions, not one hands on treatment, no stress visiting vet clinics.

I would not hesitate to use your services again and will certainly be recommending you to anyone who needs help with their beloved pets.

More info about Bach flower remedies

What are Bach flower remedies?

  • Liquid plant extracts
  • Discovered by the homeopath Dr. Edward Bach
  • They change negative emotions into positive ones
  • 100% natural

Bach flower mixes vs Singular Bach flowers

  • Mixes of different original Bach flower remedies
  • Bach flowers selected according to your problems
  • My mixes are not available in shops or pharmacies
  • Content of 50 ml instead of 10 ml

Why choose Tom Vermeersch?

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Over 10,000 satisfied customers
  • Recognized psychologist and diploma holding Bach flower therapist
  • Free personal advice
  • Free shipping

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