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I've been taking a personal mix. I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW WELL I AM unbelievable. I have refractory seizures well the remedy I take has stopped the yukky night movements and nerves not ever felt like this ever thank you. Sarah

I have never before written a comment on facebook before but I feel so strongly about the unbelievable help my wife and I received fro, Tom at Mariepure. His help has been second to none. My wife has suffered since the summer of 2016 with what we know now to have been from the effects of the menopause. She suffered terrible anxiety and severe sickness which caused her to feel so bad that she could not get out of bed for up to 5 days on each attack. Never thought the menopause could have been so bad. I asked Tom what he recommended because we were so desperate . My wife had been put on anti depressants for the anxiety which helped but still didn't stop the terrible nausea. This anxiety was something very Alien to my wife as she is the most laid back person I know. Tom made it his business to ask a great deal of questions before making a personal mix for her. She has been on the mix for just over 2 weeks and is unbelievably back to her old self and normal. I just could not believe just how effective the mix was. Thank god for Matiepure. Mariepure can do a mix for just about any condition. Our most profound thanks to Tom
This is from Jacqueline's husband,John who had to write something on Facebook.

I've only taken it for a couple of weeks and shifted 5lbs. I haven't followed a diet, just eaten what I wanted And find I am satisfied with less. I am not as hungry as before and have stopped snacking without any real effort. Hope that helps.

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What are Bach flower remedies?

  • Liquid plant extracts
  • Discovered by the homeopath Dr. Edward Bach
  • They change negative emotions into positive ones
  • 100% natural

Bach flower mixes vs Singular Bach flowers

  • Mixes of different original Bach flower remedies
  • Bach flowers selected according to your problems
  • My mixes are not available in shops or pharmacies
  • Content of 50 ml instead of 10 ml

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  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Over 10,000 satisfied customers
  • Recognized psychologist and diploma holding Bach flower therapist
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