More info about Bach flower remedies

What are Bach flower remedies?

  • Liquid plant extracts
  • Discovered by the homeopath Dr. Edward Bach
  • They change negative emotions into positive ones
  • 100% natural

Bach flower mixes vs Singular Bach flowers

  • Mixes of different original Bach flower remedies
  • Bach flowers selected according to your problems
  • My mixes are not available in shops or pharmacies
  • Content of 50 ml instead of 10 ml

Why choose Tom Vermeersch?

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Over 10,000 satisfied customers
  • Recognized psychologist and diploma holding Bach flower therapist
  • Free personal advice
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Facebook fans about Bach Flower Advice

I recently started taking the menopause blend. So far so good, it’s been amazing and has reduced my hot flushes by at least 70%. I take it throughout the day with a small amount of water. I got relief after about a week and am now on my second bottle and feel much better. Not having so many flushes means I get more sleep which is a added bonus. Can’t recommend this remedy enough. So glad I found it as most other things did not work. I love natural products so this is a win win for me.
Try it x

I am using personal mix for my 4 year old son to improve his focus, confidence, flow of speech etc and I have seen tremendous improvement.

Thanks Tom

Hi I have also used a personal blend from Mariepure for menopausal symptoms which included very bad anxiety symptoms and they were the first thing that helped me .

More info about Bach flowers & Tom Vermeersch

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