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Thanks Tom for the personal mix you made for my daughter - it's been great!

Bach flower essences are amazing. Have used them for about 20 yrs.

I just want to say a huge thank you for the help I have received with my anxiety problems. I had a personal mix made for me two and a half months ago. It was so easy to arrange and I can't put into words the difference it has made to me. I was able to cope with the airport and make a trip, by myself for the very first time. I feel as though I have control of myself and my life again thanks to the advise and remedy mix made for me.

More info about Bach flower remedies

What are Bach flower remedies?

  • Liquid plant extracts
  • Discovered by the homeopath Dr. Edward Bach
  • They change negative emotions into positive ones
  • 100% natural

Bach flower mixes vs Singular Bach flowers

  • Mixes of different original Bach flower remedies
  • Bach flowers selected according to your problems
  • My mixes are not available in shops or pharmacies
  • Content of 50 ml instead of 10 ml

Why choose Tom Vermeersch?

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Over 10,000 satisfied customers
  • Recognized psychologist and diploma holding Bach flower therapist
  • Free personal advice
  • Free shipping

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