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(5/5) - Bach flowers mix 111

In the late evening of October 2016 we heard a meowing in our garden we didn't recognise. In the dark I went looking and quickly I found a small red kitten, afraid but curious. I crouched with some treats in my hand and I invited him to come inside. The little guy was brave but also afraid of everything he saw but he was clearly hungry and followed me very slowly inside. He quickly ate and then left again. It took several days before he stayed inside a bit longer and started gaining confidence.

We gave this little guy the name Abeltje and we told him he was welcome to stay with us, but that it was his choice. He came back and kept on staying longer and longer. He didn't make contact with the other young cat we took in right before he came along. Abeltje was skittish, didn't let us pet him and didn't make contact with anyone else. After a few weeks I could pet him bit by bit, he had started to trust me and had really touched my heart, what a beautiful little guy! After a few months he started to make contact with our other young cat and our older mister cat. He didn't have any idea how to do this or how to maintain that contact, so it resulted in things like fighting, hissing at the other cats and peeing everywhere which didn't make us happy at all. Luckily Abeltje did love my company and came to me a couple of times to sit on my lap and to be caressed by me. Picking him up was still no option.

The contact with the other cats became a bit better but he still didn't like the dogs at all and because of this he peed on our couch often because he was afraid to go outside to do his business because the dogs were there (we tried to move the litterbox outside). After searching a lot I came across your website, and I noticed mix 111 (nice number I was thinking to myself). I ordered a bottle and the results were visible within the week. Abel became tough! He went outside even though the dogs were there, he didn't pee everywhere anymore and the best thing of all was that he became a real cuddler, until this day (first bottle is almost finished). The level of cuddling is great! He sleeps with us on the bed and has friendly contact with our other pets.

Really THANKFUL for all this help! Abel has so much more confidence, life is now one big party!

Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

Bach flowers mix 111: Stress in cats

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

Diego Sandrine
(5/5) Sandrine Henry from France *

He's less sad, more playful and really more relaxed!

So we gave him Bach flowers mix no. 111 so that the dejection was less and it has worked well!

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

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