Yaïko is a changed dog!

(5/5) - Bach flowers mix 103
Melissa Pinto


Here are a few lines to tell you about my experience of using Bach flower essences, which I recommend to people who encounter trouble with their dog’s behaviour.

Small description about my dog Yaïko. He is a sensible dog, not a lot of confidence, finds it difficult to handle feelings. He is most reactive towards his peers! He is afraid at night, barking at people wearing hats or with specific accessories, cows, horses, noise outside. . .

Our walks became stressful for him, my partnerm and me. Methods used in lessons were of no help, it was even interfering with his learning.

After searches and reading more information about Bach flowers, I came across Tom’s website. I immediately went to look at testimonials, because I was a bit sceptical at the beginning. Then we had some discussions by mail so I could explain Yaïko’s behaviour.

It has now been about two months since I started using the personal mix and Yaïko is a changed dog!

I can finally put into practice methods used in lessons to face stressful situations. I have a dog that can handle emotions better, nearly doesn’t bark at people, can handle other dogs and animals within an acceptable distance, noises also if they are not too frightening.

We can finally go on our walks serenely, the changes are just incredible!!!! There is still work left to do, but Bach flowers gave us a big helping hand.

Again an enormous thanks to Tom for his help and his listening!


Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

Bach flowers mix 103: Separation anxiety in dogs

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Other testimonials

* Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

(5/5) Petra *

He was a very good boy

Very happy with your drops Bach flower 103. Used them each day in food for just 2 weeks on a new retired greyhound we adopted just 3 weeks ago.

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(5/5) Kitty van der Zwet from the Netherlands *

He's calmer with people and other dogs

A short message about the results from Diesel. We have to say that the results have been positive in the last few weeks.

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(5/5) Ina-Maria from Germany *

How this is going to be in three months?

Here comes a final update. My husband and I have noticed that Laila has changed. This morning on our first walk she behaved very well.

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(4/5) Linda Briglia from Belgium *

We see a huge difference compared to before she had the drops

Tosca's behaviour has improved a great deal. Sometimes she will still be aggressive towards my husband, but without biting.

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(4/5) Tine Janssens from Belgium *

It looks like he can control himself better

My dog Ickx has already made some good progress thanks to the Bach Flowers and his extra training. I notice that he is less stressed and much calmer around other dogs.

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(5/5) Mireille from Belgium *

I've received a new dog

He's listening more. When he starts to bark, I forbid him and he stops.

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(5/5) Sofie Geukens from Belgium *

She's doing great with the drops

I just reordered the personal Bach Flower mix for our Pandora.

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Ellen (Maverick)
(5/5) Ellen from the Netherlands *

Everyday I see progression

Finally a quiet moment to bring you up to date about how things are going with my cat Maverick.

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(4/5) Monika Noack from Germany *

One can see the positive development

We have started our third bottle of Bach flowers mix. We wanted to thank you for your help from the bottom of our hearts.

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(5/5) Patrice and Déborah from France *

The result is surprising, even quite magical

It has now been since two months we began to try Bach flowers on a mare who was very temperamental, very unpredictable and very dominant.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

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