Rocco is much more calmer now

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Bach flower personal mix dogs

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Robert Frauendienst

Dear Mr. Vermeersch,

Four weeks ago we ordered a special Bach flower mix from you for our dog, Rocco. Now I’d like to give you a little feedback. Rocco is much calmer now and sleeps a lot.

He starts sleeping at around 6.30 p.m and usually sleeps through the whole night until 8 o’clock in the morning. In the morning he is also very quiet. After several attempts we can say that Rocco is even able to stay 2-3 hours at home alone. So we can go to church on Sunday without being stressed about it, or go shopping or work in the garden.

Driving in the car is now improved too. With the caravan it’s fine and with the Volvo it is so-so. He is belted in the Volvo and lies between the drivers seat and the co-driver’s seat. He does not cry anymore while driving, but yawns a lot, it seems like he tries to equalise pressure.

We are very happy with Rocco’s development with the Bach flower mixt and we will continue with the treatment for another two months. Sometimes I am a even a little concerned whether Rocco is okay, as he is so much quieter now!

Thank you very much for your help!

Sincerely yours,

Robert Frauendienst

Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

(4/5) Rita *

She's barking remarkably less

I would like to let you know how our Kemi is doing.
I have been giving the Bach Flowers for about six weeks and it looks like we're on the right track  

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(4/5) Esther *

She has become a lot calmer

I just wanted to give you a feedback about our cat Minouche. She reacts very well to the Bach flower drops.

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(4/5) Janneke de Roode *

Lizzy is less stressed!

I would like to let you know how it's going with Lizzy, our kitty with skin problems. After the passing away of her sister, with whom she was together for 12 years, Lizzy developed serious skin problems.

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It really works for the dogs
(4/5) Wilma *

It really works for the dogs

The mix really works for the dogs. Sometimes you have to be careful with the two, but it works. The results are therefore good.

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It's good to see him so peaceful
(5/5) Nicole Delhez from France *

It's good to see him so peaceful

I asked Tom for an issue which was worrying me and I had no solutions for: my cat was constantly attackied by the 12 non-sterilised cats from the neighbours.

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(4/5) Reinout and Renate from The Netherlands *

What a relief. After all our attempts this seems to have the best result.

Yiva our wire-haired dachshund with a behaviour disorder is now taking his personal mix for 40 days. She’s already at his second bottle.

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(5/5) Anonymous *

Your drops can do miracles

I wanted to thank you. The drops are working like a miracle on my little Kayna.I wanted to thank you. The drops are working like a miracle on my little Kayna. She was always extremely fearful.

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(4/5) Annemarie *

The last mix really helped him and his remaining emotions are now in balance

I would like to thank you for your advise and the personal mixes you've made for my dog Sjuul. He's doing well.

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(4/5) Lysiane *

I couldn’t believe it

I just reordered for Sally, and for this occasion, I would like to give my feedback about the results of Bach flower’s on Sally’s behavior.

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(4/5) Yvonne Swinkels *

Slowly but surely we're getting there

I notice a difference already with my Boxer Babs.As you may recall, Babs was very anxious outside which caused her to perform antisocial behaviour.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

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