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Dear Tom,

Our Bernese Mountain Dog, Sepp, is now 1 year old. When he was 5 months old we asked your advice because he was anxious and insecure because of an attack by an adult dog. 

You made us a personal Bach Flower combination on the basis of Sepp’s character and I must say that the first results were to be seen after a month already. He is not anxious any longer and even greets people, though distant sometimes, but that is part of the Bernese Mountain Dog. Also his panicky behaviour is over and when we go to the vet he is even quite relaxed and cheerful towards other dogs. In brief, we’re very happy with this therapy. 

Because of his positive reaction I would want to ask you to make another mix for him. He is quite ok right now. But because of a small rip in his elbow joint of his right paw he had to have some surgery. The paw healed very well and his shape is improving again. But after the surgery we had some more troubles with Sepp: a severe infection of his stomach caused by the Helicobacter pylori bacterium, which he probably caught in the hospital. He has been really ill. During our stay in the Netherlands our former veterinarian did a complete check up. We always spotted everything from the start, which helped to lower the stress level of our dog. Still, it was quite a lot for such a young animal. 

But well, we can leave all of this behind us now, and in the meantime Sepp has become a quick-tempered adolescent. We notice that he is very anxious again and often reacts in a skittish way towards people. Therefore we started to exercise with his trainer to make him gain back his confidence in people. 

Now the question I have is, would it be sufficient to order his old mix again or would it be better to make a new mix? From 27th of August we are back in the Netherlands, in Drenthe this time and then you could perhaps send the package to our address over there. 

We patiently await your reply

Warm and kind regards from a warm Swiss,


Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

Flanelle and Praline are friends now
(5/5) Anonymous *

Flanelle and Praline are friends now

As I promised, I'm sending you some feedback on the effects of your mixture. It's my pleasure to tell you that Flanelle and the cat Praline have become greatest friends

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(4/5) Andrea Kaufmann *

She became more devoted

I ordered a Bach flower mixture from you for my dog Rajka. She likes to take the drops and we’ve seen an improvement!

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(4/5) Sandra *

He’s less afraid and more sociable

He’s less afraid and more sociable!!! Our sincere thanks for this.

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(5/5) Evy from Belgium *

It’s unbelievable how much result I have already!

I have now been giving the Bach Flowers to my cats for a week and it is just unbelievable how much result I have so far!  

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(5/5) Franziska from Germany *

She loves the drops

We have given the drops to our bitch Cara for 3 week now. She loves the drops, likes them more than her treats. 

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(4/5) Grazia Femia From Italie *

I've seen a slight improvement in my dog

First of all I'd like to say that I've seen a slight improvement in my dog. That is, sometimes it is still quite scared, not just of the various city noises, but also has terrific fear of thunderstorms and fireworks...

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(5/5) Sylvie Perthuis from Belgium *

No more untimely barking then no more stress and anxiety

When I look at the results so far, I tell myself that I should have done this before.

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(5/5) Martine Lebec *

Much quieter and less anxious

This is Chandra, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, who has been with us for nine years and whom we love, but who started having serious problems.

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My cat's stress has greatly improved
(5/5) Cinzia Morelli *

My cat's stress has greatly improved

First of all thank you so much, because it has been a month and a half that your personalised mix has been helping my cat, Margherita.

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(4/5) Tine Janssens from Belgium *

It looks like he can control himself better

My dog Ickx has already made some good progress thanks to the Bach Flowers and his extra training. I notice that he is less stressed and much calmer around other dogs.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

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