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Dear Tom

Our dog Klein (4 years old) has epilepsy and is (still) taking medicine for it. Last year the attacks became more heavy (short attacks), and he started losing consciousness for a short period of time. We were desperate despite the good care of our vet. I couldn’t even go for a little walk with him. Klein is a very sweet and intelligent dog that we adopted via Rescani from Sevilla.

These people treated us very correctly, and informed us about his condition. Klein has been through a lot (probably abuse) and was destined for an injection but Klein was sent to Rescani (the asylum). Some volunteers wanted to give him a chance. Because transport in an airplane was impossible, a friend and I travelled to Sevilla by car for Klein. The attacks were unpredictable, however it all went well. Last year the attacks became continuous. Even the vet had never experienced this.

I have to give you credit for his improvement. Thank you. During the last 6 months’ he has been using the personal mix and he hasn’t experienced any attacks, big or small. You can feel that Klein is no longer that anxious (during the day and while he is sleeping) and he is also more sociable. We still have regular contact with his rescuers (Protectora El Buen Amigo), an association in Spain that follows his condition closely and I can say that this good news has been received with much gratitude. It gives hope to the many people trying to save dogs.

Thank you very much.

Regards Marc and Nicole

Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

Nothing compared to the first crises
(4/5) David *

Nothing compared to the first crises

As time goes on, he's returning to his normal self and I still hope to find some of his old manners. Grandma always had the help of Bach flowers :)

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(4/5) Jessica *

I feel she's calmer and more relaxed

After just six weeks of treatment with the tailor made mix for my bitch, Joy, I can see a clear improvement.

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Ellen (Maverick)
(5/5) Ellen from the Netherlands *

Everyday I see progression

Finally a quiet moment to bring you up to date about how things are going with my cat Maverick.

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(5/5) Gundi Kager *

I would just like to recommend these drops to other people

Since 15.12.2014, I have been giving the personal Bach flower combination to my dog Lucy, 6 x 4 drops a day...

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(4/5) Joke (someone from Belgium) *

He is a lot less anxious now. He has more confidence in me.

I wanted to let you know that I already notice results with my dog Jochie. ( that Bordauxdog who was very fearful for all that was strange to him).

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(5/5) Kitty van der Zwet from the Netherlands *

He's calmer with people and other dogs

A short message about the results from Diesel. We have to say that the results have been positive in the last few weeks.

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(4/5) Lysiane *

I couldn’t believe it

I just reordered for Sally, and for this occasion, I would like to give my feedback about the results of Bach flower’s on Sally’s behavior.

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(4/5) Amy Schrijver *

We noticed a difference after 2 weeks

Our dog Senna, a Bernese Mountain dog, is extremely afraid of fireworks and shots of hunters. We tried the Bach flower drops for fear of fireworks.

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(5/5) Nicole (Belgium) *

A thousand times thank you

We got a recommendation about your website a month ago from a friend. I was thinking “why not give it a try?” 

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(5/5) Anonymous *

Your drops can do miracles

I wanted to thank you. The drops are working like a miracle on my little Kayna.I wanted to thank you. The drops are working like a miracle on my little Kayna. She was always extremely fearful.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

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