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Hi Tom,

I just reordered for Sally, and for this occasion, I would like to give my feedback about the results of Bach flower’s on Sally’s behavior.
On April 2013, I asked you to prepare a mix for Sally because of her separation anxiety, the damage and the troubles I had with the neighborhood.
On your website, you advocate a minimum three month cure for long term efficacy. In Sally's case, it took a year at least to have a substantial and durable improvement. I have to say that Sally’s case was severe. In fact, I met, with the greatest of coincidences, a neighbor of her old owners and this person told me that Sally was very neglected and mistreated by her former owners: she wasn't well fed, never went out, was beaten up, and was a scapegoat for bad kids.

This family got rid of Sally by giving her to people they knew, who then got rid of her to the shelter… where I adopted her… You know what happened next…
There were periods with improvement, followed by relapses, then some more improvement, then relapses, etc. but every time the relapses were less violent and the periods of improvement were longer.
Today, she’s calm when I’m absent. She hasn't done any damage for 8 months now, she's not yelling anymore and hardly ever barking : in fact, she only barks if someone rings the bell or the phone goes when I’m absent (I know because I hear with a baby phone).

Furthermore, she had a secondary problem: Fear of thunder, firecrackers, fire shots, fireworks. These triggered panic and fleeing behavior, a compulsive need to hide as well as agitation that could last for hours.
Now, it’s over. Certainly, she’s showing some worries when there are loud noises but no more agitation and no panics.

In the past two months, we have had some thunderstorms and one of them was really violent, Sunday the 6th of July, and she stayed quiet. Then on Monday the 14 of July, as with every year in France, there is a procession of firecrackers and fireworks which were shot very close to my windows. All Sally did was to wake up to see what was going on, then she went back into her basket to sleep like a blessed one! I couldn’t believe it!

So, in conclusion, Bach Flowers’s action was completely positive, even if the treatment was much longer than expected. I have to say that I continued in parallel the complementary therapy my vet prescribed. I followed your recommendation of 4 drops 6 times a day for the first complete year.

Since April 2014, noticing the improvements, I have gone down to 4 drops 4 times a day and as all was still doing fine, I have proceeded to give 4 drops twice a day since the end of June.

So, I'm ordering again to continue the treatment basically, and so that I always have a spare bottle in case the trouble comes back!

Thanks a lot for your advice and for the personal service which clearly bore fruit.


Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

The effects show already
(5/5) Marie *

The effects show already

First and foremost allow me to thank you for the flower mix you sent us, because the effects are showing already. As owners we're surprised...

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(4/5) Dhont Demeyer *

Klein's Rescue good news story

I have to give you credit for his improvement. Thank you. During the last 6 months’ he has been using the personal mix and he hasn’t experienced any attacks, big or small.

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(5/5) Betty van der Linde *

Noa is a sweetheart

In 2 weeks we noticed results. It's just great what it has done to her.

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(5/5) Maria G. *

Fides is aging well with your care

Now that we are in December, and the doggie Fides has no new lumps on her back.

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(5/5) Su *

He relishes like the Lion King

Thank you so much for the Bach Flower Mix for my cat. It had been years since he didn't dare to walk on our roofs behind the house because there was another black cat terrorising the neighbourhood.  

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Again a big thank you!
(4/5) Heidemarie Friesnecker *

Again a big thank you!

I have already tried out the Bach flower mix for my horse. It is already working, but the weather has also became more comfortable for a horse with asthma.

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(5/5) Mrs. Weber *

It was impossible before

I ordered Bach Flowers from you for my dog Orfea, a bitch. She was always very afraid of other dogs...

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(5/5) Anonymous *

Your drops can do miracles

I wanted to thank you. The drops are working like a miracle on my little Kayna.I wanted to thank you. The drops are working like a miracle on my little Kayna. She was always extremely fearful.

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(4/5) Veronique (France) *

She is a lot calmer

Here you see a picture of Falbala when I got her. She was three and a half when she came from the breeding farm...

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The remedy suddenly seems to aid keeping her calm

Working with Charlie, and using a personal mix of Bach Flower Remedy, Charlie is definitely showing signs of being able to feel comfortable within the pack again.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

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