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Cat - Georgina

Dear Tom,

In reference to your request for our experience with Bach flowers 110 Agression in cats here are our findings:-

Sitation:- Introdcution of an uncastrated male Bengal of 1 yr cat into a house with 2 female neuters of the same breed ages 4.5yrs.

The male cat was a ‘rescue’ having become bullied and semi feral in a breeders home where problems had arisien and homes failed to be found for increasingly aging ‘intact’ males and ‘calling’ females, all a social nightmare.

The male was in poor health mentally and physically, underweight and undersized and had been forced to fight for his food and been heavily subjugated by all the males in the house who were older and female matriarchs (cats have a pecking order and they know it!)

When we brought him home, he was absolutely terrified and it was 2 weeks before we could even touch him. He was defecating all over the house, upset tummy, poor uptake of nutrients, but still aggressive in a desperate bid to change the status quo in our house to his favour, making him defensive and hugely aggressive to our original cats who were negatively affected by this and made us think we may have to rehome him, which would be cruel considering he had just come to us.

To get him well, he was checked by our vets and I provided high quality diet, probiotics and supplements added as prescribed by the vets and exotic cat food providers for hybrid species and wild cat sanctuaries. Plus patience, kindness and love and happy voices. Not to mention a lot of attention to the first two cats who were understandably upset and confused.

We also introduced FELIWAY ‘friends’  cat pheromones for the help of the social issues and it helped a bit, but as time went by and the cats got more used to each other, the male was now getting bigger on the good food I had provided and healthier and also more dominant and challenging the females even more aggressively and causing them anxiety and near harm, the pheromones alone were not enough.

Due to the lockdown we were delayed in getting him castrated, but finally got him done in April, we had had to wait until he was well and strong enough and this was also about the time we also got the Bach Flowers. We obviously hoped the castration would solve all our problems though, but not so!

Over the time of the castration & giving him Bach Flowers & the Feliway, things gradually got better. The problem was knowing which of the 3 aspects we had undertaken to resolve the aggressive interactions was having the real affect, probably ALL, but to what degree it was impossible to tell.

From April onwards I was putting entire squirts of Bach Flowers into the cats morning Tuna with freshwater, so they all ended up getting some and overall the older grumpy cat was more confident and came back into the house and swatted the boy if he tried to bully her, The friendly cat was being bullied less by the male and defended herself more and the boy still chased and ‘attacked’ the girls, but more in play and less aggressively and would leave them alone if they defended themselves or better ignored him.

The turning point was when I STOPPED the Bach flowers for about a week, not intentionally, but because the tuna I was giving them had become unavailable and I was not finding it easy to administer and ensure they were getting enough in revisits to the food bowl in any other food, where they seemed to notice I had ‘contaminated’ the food with something, for some reason the Tuna was the perfect delivery system and they ate it without question when other foods were rejected.

During that week things soon started to get ugly again, the males aggression clearly increased he would attack and fight the females with little provocation and really bite and kick them, causing us to have to monitor them 24/7 or separate at night to ensure their safety.

We managed to get more Tuna a week later and bought large stores of it and set about dosing it daily with the Bach flowers, worried as it had taken a time to ‘build up’ an effect we may be back to square one.

Interestingly, within only a couple of days the affects were noticeably clear and now we are back to a relative peace and quiet. The females still find him annoying and he does ‘playfully’ stalk them, but he is a male and he is young, but the fights and aggression are noticeably reduced and even if they start up a bit the females seem to be bolder with a dose of Bach flowers in their systems they refuse to accept his behaviour and face him down or tell him off.

My husband who is very disbelieving of anything that does not have a clear science behind it concludes it clearly works and does not us want to be without it. So that’s an endorsement in itself!

When the boy was off the medication he was found further away from our home facing off a much larger male cat, totally ignored us calling him and running after this other cat near a dangerous main road, again something he is does not do when he is ‘calmer’

So yes we think the effects are positive and help keep our household in a positive and happy state, all the older female cats now enter the house and all the rooms and sleep in areas they were being driven out of before and returning to their pre-boy cat behaviour and seem happier each passing day.

The boy cat is a now an incredibly good natured cat and is very interactive and loving to us the human providers and he just wants to be ‘friends’ with his new sisters, although they are not thrilled about it they are dealing with it. As I write this he is blinking at me with his bright blue eyes and his beautiful tiger striped and rosetted creamy fur ( Snow Lynx-Bengal) a big handsome boy, looking like butter would not melt in his mouth!

He also used to bite scratch and draw much blood on our arms ‘playing with us’ by not keeping his claws retracted and that too has almost stopped other than occasionally if he gets too excited. Although we both bear many scars!

Overall we are now as close to a happy multi cat household as I think you can get, however I don’t plan on failing to administer a daily dose of Bach flowers to all parties for some time to come, as the male ages and becomes more docile it may not be necessary, but right now not prepared to risk it as Bengal males can be aggressive anyway.

So that’s our story, if it helps anyone else so much the better!

Kindest regards


Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

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* Disclaimer: results may vary from animal to animal and are not based on scientific results.

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