Ear problems and tinnitus? Read how Bach Flowers can help.

Ear problems and tinnitus? Read how Bach Flowers can help.

Typical ear problems and tinnitus

It’s not always clear what causes tinnitus. However, in most cases the symptoms are caused by ear problems. A variety of different conditions can cause ear problems leading to tinnitus. As one third of tinnitus sufferers don’t have any other symptoms or conditions affecting their hearing, treatment will involve sound therapy. When an emotional issue makes tinnitus more difficult to live with; Bach Flower personal combinations offer the ideal solution for managing the symptoms. Continue reading for more about typical ear problems and tinnitus.

About ear problems and tinnitus

Although different health issues can cause tinnitus, the condition itself does not cause deafness. Typical ear problems which can cause the condition to develop include:

  • Meniere’s disease

  • A blockage inside the ear

  • Injury

  • A perforated ear drum

  • Hearing loss

  • Age-related changes to the structure of the ear

Many tinnitus sufferers have ear problems due to exposure to loud noises.

Ear problems when Meniere’s disease causes tinnitus

Meniere’s disease affects the flow of fluids inside the ear. This imbalance causes the symptoms of tinnitus. In the majority of cases, the cause of the condition is unknown.

Ear problems when a blockage causes tinnitus

A blockage in the ear canal often causes the symptoms of tinnitus. Doctors recommend using ear drops to help clear the ears of wax build-up. In severe cases, the affected ear can be syringed to remove the blockage.

Ear problems when an injury causes tinnitus

Injuries to the neck, jaw or ears can cause tinnitus to develop. When this is the case, your doctor will advise you about appropriate treatment.

Ear problems when hearing loss causes tinnitus

Hearing loss is a typical cause of tinnitus. This ear problem is resolved with a hearing aid. After an ear test, you can discuss your treatment options.

Ear problems when bone changes cause tinnitus

As we age, our bones change inside the ears. This is the most common reason for age-related hearing loss.

Managing ear problems and tinnitus

If you have seen your doctor and you are still not sure what’s causing your tinnitus to be unmanageable, a Bach Flower personal combination could offer you the solution. Bach Flower customised mixes are composed to suit every individual. Personal combinations target a variety of negative emotions making tinnitus symptoms difficult to manage. Together with sound therapy, you can start to recover from the negative emotions holding you back.
If you would like a personal Bach Flower mix to be composed especially for you, simply email me with details of your character and problem emotions. This enables me to create the ideal blend of Bach Flower essences to suit you. The gentle remedy will work to bring back you emotional equilibrium. 

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