Bach flower First Aid remedy

The difference between Bach flower First Aid and the Bach flower Rescue Remedy

  • The Bach flower First Aid Remedy has 2 extra Bachflowers, White Chestnut that will help you worry less and Larch against failing anxiety and also to boost your confidence.
  • It also contains no added alcohol so children and pregnant women can use this remedy.
  • The content is 50 ml instead of 20 ml.

Why is the price different then the Bach Rescue bottles from the shop?

The price is actually cheaper because the content of these bottles are 50 ml (instead of the 20 ml bottle in the shop) and also there are 2 more Bach flowers being used.

Why is the taste different?

The Bach Flower First Aid Remedy contains a no added alcohol, which makes the taste less strong. Bach flower First Aid has a neutral taste in comparison to the strong alcoholic taste in the normal Rescue Remedy.

Why can't I get the Bach Flower First Aid Remedy in the store?

The Bach Flower First Aid Remedy is a personalised combination which is not commercialised. That's why they aren't sold to shops, pharmacies or herbal stores. They are handmade, so I can guarantee good quality.

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