Bach flower Gorse:

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Bach flower Gorse helps you when:

  • You are losing faith or trust in the possibilities of receiving help
  • You want to give up hope
  • You feel, ‘Nothing can help me anymore’
  • You have absolutely no hope of a good outcome
  • You are experiencing desperate doubt
* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.
Bach flower number 13: Gorse

Content 20 ml

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Tom Vermeersch
Created by Tom Vermeersch ()
Tom Vermeersch is a certified Psychologist and Bach flower expert with more than 30 years of experience.

How long is the treatment?

  • You take the Bach flower while your complaint is present. If after some time you have not experienced any improvement, it is advisable to ask for a personal Bach flower mix.

Intake and dosage

  • Minimum 4x2 drops per day
  • Directly on the tongue or dissolve in water
  • When dissolved in water, drink the water at intervals throughout the day

About this mix

* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

Group II – For Those Who Suffer Uncertainty

Belief and faith are strengthened thanks to Bach flower Gorse

Despondency can quickly turn into despair and when someone is so desperate they can exist in a state of extreme hopelessness. Because of this, they feel it is pointless to try to seize another opportunity after a big failure. The consequence is that a person in need of Gorse will not try again. When friends like this do seek help, they will point out they don’t believe in the advice and that it makes no sense in trying.

The Bach flower Gorse will help you feel more positive and believe in the possibility of a good outcome. It empowers you, and encourages you to keep on giving more of yourself despite any setbacks or difficulties you experience.

This remedy helps to steadily bring back hope, lifting you out of your gloomy state of mind. You realise that not all expectations and chances are missed.

What Dr. Bach says about Bach flower Gorse:

This remedy is used in cases of utter hopelessness, for people who have given up faith and hope that something could be done for them. These people try different treatment methods because they are persuaded by others to do so, perhaps as a favour. In spite of this, they will tell everyone that there is little to no hope for improvement or relief.

Loosely translated from: The twelve healers and other remedies - Dr. E. Bach

* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person and are not based on scientific results.

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Bach flower Gorse

Bach Flower Essence Gorse is used to help those who lack self-belief

The Bach Flower Essence Gorse is an effective way to treat individuals who have lost their self-belief.

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