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Hi, would just like to say that I've been taking Bach remedy mix 40 for nearly 3 months and the results have been amazing! Virtually all the symptoms I was experiencing have disappeared. No more night sweats, sleeping better, anxiety and palpitations no more, much calmer and less irritable. This potion has literally changed my life and my husband has the wife he married back!

i just thought I would let you know that my adorable Labrador has just had the most amazing results from your personalised mix of Bach Flowers.

Sasha has been suffering from an exceptional dry crusty nose which had developed into open sores despite intensive treatment from a number of vets.
The results are amazing she now has a beautiful healthy pink nose without a sore or blemish in sight.

You are an amazing guy Tom and I can't Thank You enough for taking away Sasha's discomfort and restoring her back to normal.

Absoloutely amazing, and all through asking questions, not one hands on treatment, no stress visiting vet clinics.

I would not hesitate to use your services again and will certainly be recommending you to anyone who needs help with their beloved pets.

Hi this is HONEY doing so well on Bach flower what a change in a dog since using this. Xxx

Thank you for my personalised mix. 
My headaches went after the time specified and I can feel that it is the old me, even more calmer. I am towards the end of the 3rd bottle and I can feel the difference. 
Thank you Tom.

There're no words to describe how thankful my husband and I are to Tom for the personal mix he made for my CFS/ dysautonomia. I've had the condition for a long time with a recent addition of BP spikes. My BP would go up from very low to very high in a matter of seconds, depending on whether I was lying down, sitting or walking. I was taking a few herbal remedies which helped to keep my BP low but nothing prevented the spikes. Neither did the prescribed pharmaceuticals. Only the mix did! Finally, my husband and I can enjoy life again! I feel like flying to U.K. from Australia to give Tom a hug!

Thank you Tom for the personalised remedies for us both. Bill has become calmer and I feel less tense and more able to cope with situations. The three months are nearly up and it's been an amazing transformation.

Best wishes
Carol and Bill Clark

So happy I have found Tom and his amazing Bach flower remedies! Thanks to the n◦69 I got pregnant, mix 53 was my best friend all 9 months and now Im waiting for a personal mix for me and our beautiful 13 weeks old son. Thank you, Tom :)

I've been taking a personal mix. I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW WELL I AM unbelievable. I have refractory seizures well the remedy I take has stopped the yukky night movements and nerves not ever felt like this ever thank you. Sarah

I have never before written a comment on facebook before but I feel so strongly about the unbelievable help my wife and I received fro, Tom at Mariepure. His help has been second to none. My wife has suffered since the summer of 2016 with what we know now to have been from the effects of the menopause. She suffered terrible anxiety and severe sickness which caused her to feel so bad that she could not get out of bed for up to 5 days on each attack. Never thought the menopause could have been so bad. I asked Tom what he recommended because we were so desperate . My wife had been put on anti depressants for the anxiety which helped but still didn't stop the terrible nausea. This anxiety was something very Alien to my wife as she is the most laid back person I know. Tom made it his business to ask a great deal of questions before making a personal mix for her. She has been on the mix for just over 2 weeks and is unbelievably back to her old self and normal. I just could not believe just how effective the mix was. Thank god for Matiepure. Mariepure can do a mix for just about any condition. Our most profound thanks to Tom
This is from Jacqueline's husband,John who had to write something on Facebook.

I've only taken it for a couple of weeks and shifted 5lbs. I haven't followed a diet, just eaten what I wanted And find I am satisfied with less. I am not as hungry as before and have stopped snacking without any real effort. Hope that helps.

Thanks Tom for the personal mix you made for my daughter - it's been great!

Bach flower essences are amazing. Have used them for about 20 yrs.

I just want to say a huge thank you for the help I have received with my anxiety problems. I had a personal mix made for me two and a half months ago. It was so easy to arrange and I can't put into words the difference it has made to me. I was able to cope with the airport and make a trip, by myself for the very first time. I feel as though I have control of myself and my life again thanks to the advise and remedy mix made for me.

I have been giving stress formula for cats to my cat for about a month now. This has really helped her in being more settled at night instead of walking around miaowing all night she now sleeps. Also she was too scared to go outside,being nervous of a neighbourhood cat. Now she goes out for hours on end and sees off the other cat. I'm so pleased.

Had my own mix made for anxiety and over thinking, been taking it for a month now and it's working very well, just about to place my second order thank you

Toms communication with his clients is brilliant. You feel that he really listens and knows exactly what you need . I'm very intrigued to see how my cat responds to Bach flowers.

Amazing results so far and only halfway through my course.

I would recommend Tom to anyone. He has been incredibly attentive in his responses; I have felt very heard and cared for. I am nearly one month in and the remedy is very effective. Couldn't ask for more. I think Tom is an intuitive therapist and a pro in the field. Nicola - Brighton

Fantastic communication, very helpful gentleman, speedy delivery. Only 2 days into the treatment, really hope this works. Many thanks for all of your help.

I was on a plane going to Germany, there was a lady taking this, we had been nattering on the journey, I asked her what these were, she said she was afraid of flying, offered me some, I refused as I like flying, but I have used them since, and it does work to help anxiety.

Using on my horse honeysuckle seems to be helping

I <3 Bach, used it for many years. Especially Rescue Remedy'

I am glad to let you know how happy I am with the tincture you made for me to lower my blood pressure. I must say, the doctor looked at the bottle kind of funny and was not to excited for me to use it. So, I was very careful reducing hers and adding yours. I am about to get of hers. 
Thank you so much.
You may use my name and if I knew how to put a picture on your FB I would gladly do it. (But my granddaughter who would have done it moved to Fla.)
I am on FB and you are welcome to become my friend and use my picture from that.
Heidi Ralph Kirtland

Good to see, Bach remedies have always worked wonders on our dogs. Aspen proved particularly helpful to our epileptic Labrador and would settle her in minutes when something such as thunder was stressing her out.

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