A personal Bach flower mix?

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What exactly is a personal Bach flower mix?

A personal Bach Flowers Remedy mix is a personal combination that is created on the basis of the symptoms that you show and the emotions you go through. Each Bach Flowers Remedy is chosen to aid your character and personal problems.

For what problems can you use the personal Bach flowers remedy?

Basically, for each different problem a person has, you can get a personal Bach flowers remedy. Especially for problems with an emotional or psychological cause Bach Flower Essences are known to respond well. Emotions can even affect physical symptoms, these also benefited from Bach flowers Remedy's. 

How can I get a personal Bach Flower Remedy?

If you would like a personal Bach flowers remedy mix you send me an email in which you try to describe your character and the emotions or ailments you are suffering from. Try to be as specific as possible in your description as to be given a more personal and detailed Bach flowers combination. After you have emailed me, I carefully read through the information I have been given and within 24 hours I will either email you back asking for more specific information or tell you whether I think Bach flowers remedy's will help you or not. 

How soon will I get a personal Bach flower mix?

After you have placed your order and as soon as we have received your payment, your order will be shipped. Normally within 2 working days, but in most cases they are sent the same day of payment!

What does advice cost?

The advice is free! The only thing that is charged is your personal Bach flowers mix.